Not Quite the Catwalk

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Search has not gotten out much lately but on 12-04 she was invited to be a display at a PR event on Tempe Town Lake – for a new development being built and called The Newport. Of course, first a … Continued

She floats! She sails!

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The first time out was on Lake Pleasant. She still leaked a bit.. (ok, a lot) but did not sink! Most of the cause was the through-hull at the bailer. Nothing tape won’t fix!. All new fitting, a new sail … Continued

Put lipstick on a pig….

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After all that lung collapsing work, I thought it would be fun to paint SEARCH a little bit different to stock Lasers. Oh yes! THIS color… plus black and white. The paint cost MORE than what I paid for the … Continued

The Laser comes home

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Good Lord what have I done! ¬†OK.. bring out the tools (and the coffee) and have at it! See what happens when you buy at night…. poor thing has been strapped down tightly to the trailer in the Arizona heat,,, … Continued

I bought a Laser

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Sometime earlier this year (it was such a momentous occasion I have no idea when), I bought a Laser Not just any Laser… a Craigslist nastyass abandoned boat. The asking price was fair for a decent trailer, so the way … Continued

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